Hand Pleated Silk Handbag in Light Indigo
Hand Pleated Silk Handbag in Light Indigo Hand Pleated Silk Handbag in Light Indigo

Rectangular handbag in hand pleated silk with cotton-linen lining. Each plissé is unique, with slight color variation, waves of pleating and flaws inherent to the hand dyeing and hand pleating process.

Measurements: 32cm × 22cm. Straps: 56cm.

100% silk. Lining: 50% Linen, 50% Cotton (french fabric from early 20th century).

Indigo is a natural dye extracted from the leaves of plants of the Indigofera genus. It is one of the oldest dyes known to humankind. The colour achieved depends on the type of vat, the concentration of indigo, and the number of dips. It gives infinite shades of blue, from the palest summer sky to an almost purple black.

Care instructions: The pleating on silk is not permanent, it will flatten with time and wear. In order to preserve it it’s recommended to keep away from water and professional soft dry clean only. To maintain it in it’s best condition, always store the garments gently rolled-up in its fabric pouch and in a dark place to protect the colors. Indigo pieces may bleed in contact with skin or clothing.

Founded in 2019 by Lisa Favreau and Lisa Guedel-Dolle, it has become one of the most desired brands for its designs, with an exclusive silk hand-pleating technique, giving a unique character to each garment. Azur’s pieces are all hand-dyed with plant extracts, giving rise to inimitable color variations.